Do you have a Mezuzah?
Get your own divine security system.

A mezuzah is a parchment scroll, on which the Shema is handwritten by an expert scribe. The mezuzah is mounted on the right side of the doorpost and designates the home as Jewish, reminding us of G‑d and our heritage. It is also a symbol of G‑d's watchful care over the home. The placing of a mezuzah on the doors of a home or office protects the inhabitants — whether they are inside or outside.

Get Your Own Today!

Chabad is pleased to offer mezuzah distribution on campus in two easy options:

1) Purchase one for just $32 (payment plans available).

2) Loan one for FREE for the entire school year! ($15 deposit required). 

By selecting this option, you are committing to return the Mezuzah to Chabad at the end of the school year.