10 years ago, Mendy and Mussy arrived at Northeastern University and have since then impacted thousand of students. We, alumni, have therefore decided that it was time to foster a warm community among alumni members and contribute to the growth and development of Chabad at Northeastern University.

  1. NETWORK: Strengthen and expand the community even after graduation by providing opportunities to connect, engage and collaborate with each other. 
  2. EVENTS: Get updated about annual reunions and event opportunities throughout the year. Get together to reminisce the memories and create new ones.
  3. GIVING: You know firsthand the tremendous impact that Chabad has on the lives of students at Northeastern. 

Become a member of the Chabad at Northeastern Alumni Society and play a vital role in supporting the mission and goals for the future of an organization we all deeply care about:

Bronze Member - $18+ monthly or $216+ yearly

Silver Member - $36+ monthly or $432+ yearly

Gold Member - $72+ monthly $864+ yearly

Diamond Member - $108+ monthly or $1,296+ yearly

Platinum Member - $180+ monthly or $2,160+ yearly

Presidential Member - $360+ a month or $4,320+ yearly